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YourArt the platform that revolutionizes the online art market with AI and blockchain

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YourArt the platform that revolutionizes the online art market with AI and blockchain

YourArt the platform that revolutionizes the online art market with AI and blockchain

At 81, the indefatigable Maurice Lévy is embarking on a new adventure: YourArt, the first art + tech platform dedicated to all art lovers, without distinction, selection or restriction.

Even if the online art sales market calms down a little after theeuphoriaof thepandemic, it has grown by 575% since 2012! Many players now occupy the space but, “ like many art enthusiasts, the platform proposals seemed to me to partially respond to my desires, my research. I decided to create a complete, accomplished and demanding platform for all art lovers, open to all artists, confirmed oremerging, independent or represented ,” explains Maurice Levy, president of YourArt . The idea has been in his head for around ten years, but only became a reality two years ago when he entrusted the development to his son, Stéphane, and Jonas Botbol, ​​a specialist in semantic artificial intelligence.

The perfect synthesis of art + tech

The latest technological advances indeed offered tremendous opportunities for YourArt to be “ the perfect immersive art + tech synthesis to offer the general public a new way of experiencing art thanks to the latest technological innovations ”, explains Stéphane Lévy, co-founder and now VP Product of the platform. In addition to having control over their portfolio in the YourArt catalog, artists have the opportunity with metagalleries to present their works in an immersive virtual exhibition space in 3D. They can also create their own imaginary museums, which allows them to weave links between different works, movements and periods of art history, and even add audio guides recorded and imported by the user.

The best of artificial intelligence and blockchain

And this is just the beginning, since the French platform will quickly open up to its global ambition with new features that exploit the full potential of artificial intelligence and blockchain. Theretraceability, the assurance oftransparencyin successive sales of a work of artphysical(painting, sculpture,photography…), management of ownership and copyright, certification of authenticity and provenance will be possible with aNFT. Recommendation functions and the implementation of a reporting system are also planned in the coming months.messagingbetween users.

Making art open to as many people as possible

The originality of YourArt is also to be open to all, professionals, gallery owners, dealers, critics, curators, curators but also amateurs not represented by galleries, with no minimum age. The platform does not require any selection for registration, you just need to have a Siret number. The platform offers its users an immersive, easy-to-use interface and hosts many tutorials, for example on how to correctly take a photo of a work or even package the works and ship them. “ This is an opportunity for them to be able to train on these new tools, to take charge of the platform ,” emphasizes Stéphane Lévy.

A dual and accessible economic model

Another guideline of the platform: its economic model to be accessible to as many people as possible. In addition to a subscription which starts at 10 euros per month, the commission taken from sales is between 5 and 10%, where the market average is around 40 to 50%, and this is the buyer who pays delivery costs. A concept that seems to appeal to artists because 1,100 of them have already joined the platform. “ Personally, it also allowed me to discover many artists, newmovements, galleries ,” rejoices Stéphane Lévy.

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